Ruhuna Alumni Association of Civil Engineering Graduates (RACEE)



Section 1: Name and Objectives


1.1: The alumni association will be known as the Ruhuna Alumni Association of Civil & Environmental Engineering Graduates (RACEE)


1.2:  The purpose of the association shall be

a)  to provide an opportunity to interact with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering after graduation.

b)  to further the  professional development of the graduates.

c)  to provide an opportunity to network among Ruhuna Civil & Environmental Engineering Graduates.

d)  to foster relationship among  graduates and the undergraduates of the Department of Civil end Environmental Engineering.

e)  to facilitate the department to shape the undergraduate program to meet the current demand of the industry.


The organization and operation of the association will, in addition to the constitution, be subjected to rules and regulations of the University of Ruhuna.


1.3: Patron

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna, shall be the patron of the association.


Section 2: Membership


Ordinary members

2.1: Any graduate (who has completed an undergraduate or post graduate) of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (DCEE), Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna.


2.2:  Any academic, who is or has been a member of the academic staff of DCEE, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna.


2.3: Any past student who has been registered under the DCEE, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna, even though he/she has not completed his/her degree (except any current student).


Honorary Members

2.4: Any person, who is not being eligible for ordinary membership but has rendered distinguished service to the DCEE, may be nominated by the Executive Committee and be elected by the Association as an Honorary Member.


2.5: All ordinary members shall have the right to vote, to be nominated for executive committee in the Association, to propose and second the candidature of another member. All members shall have the right to receive relevant communication from the general secretary.


Section 3: Executive Committee


3.1: The executive committee of the association shall consist of the President, the Vice-President, the General Secretary, the Assistant Secretary, the Treasurer, the Editor and 5-Committee Members.

3.2: The term of executive committee shall ordinarily be one calendar year.

3.3: Election of executive committee members for the following year shall be held not later than the last annual general meeting of each year.

3.4: The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of the association and shall transact all business it deems advisable, including the filling of vacancies of officers, authorization of expenditures, etc.


Section 4: Duties of executive committee members


4.1 The association President shall be in possession of and familiar with the association Constitution, Bylaws. He/ She shall preside the annual general meetings, general meetings of the association, and at the committee meetings of the association. The president shall operate the association to maximize satisfaction of alumni needs with the resources available and ensure that all Officers and Committee members are properly briefed and trained for their jobs. The association president shall transfer association records to the new president of the association at the end of the year.

4.2: The Vice-President shall perform all functions of the President in the latter's absence or at his/her request.

4.3: The association’s General Secretary always shall be a current academic staff member of the DCEE, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna. The secretary shall keep record of all activities of the association and carry on all communications necessary to the activities of the association.

4.4: The Assistant Secretary shall perform all duties of the general secretary in his/her absence and perform any secretarial duties entrusted upon him/her by the general secretary.

4.5 : The Treasurer shall receive all money and pay all debts of the association and shall keep an exact account of all receipts and expenditures. The Treasurer shall report the statement of accounts to the annual general meeting for approval.

4.6 : The Editor shall be responsible for all the publication by the association and liaison with the DCEE in updating the association web page maintained by the department.

4.7 : Five Committee members shall be selected within the membership of the association. The Committees members shall prepare the programs for all meetings and shall be responsible for all arrangements for these meetings.

4.8 : The Committees members shall be responsible for proper announce of each meeting and get support from their members for the activities to be organized by the association and the DCEE, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna.


Section 5: Meetings


5.1: The association shall hold regular and special meetings at such places and time as designated by the Executive Committee, with a minimum of two meetings a year.

5.2: The annual general meeting of the association should be organized during before the end of the incumbent President’s term.

5.3: A quorum for a general meeting shall consist of at least 20 members of the association, including half of the executive committee members.


Section 6: Financial activities


6.1: Funds of the society may be obtained in the form of membership fees, donations and               endowments and fund raising activities.

6.2: All members shall pay an annual membership fee or a life membership fee, the value of which will be determined by a General Meeting of the association.

6.3: Membership fee is waived for current academic staff members of the DCEE, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna.

6.4: The association shall maintain a bank account in a government owned bank (i.e., Bank of Ceylon, National Savings Bank, and People’s Bank). All financial transactions require authorization by signatures of the general secretary, the treasurer and one more executive committee member, pre-decided by the executive committee of the each year.


Section 7: Amendments


7.1: The association is empowered to adopt bylaws, which are consistent with this Constitution.

7.2: The Constitution may be amended by two-thirds of the executive committee members of the association present and voting, provided the amendment shall have been proposed at least one duly publicized meeting previous to the time of voting.  Such amendments become effective only upon the approval at an Annual General Meeting.

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