ACEPS – 2018 Symposium was organized and hosted by Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Ruhuna in collaboration with Saitama University, Japan and Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research. ACEPS-2018 was held at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna on 15th March 2018. This event created a forum of high quality academic discussion achieving its original objectives.

This symposium was organized to create a venue to discuss advanced sustainable engineering practices that are adopted in developing the region. The symposium topics mentioned below were the addressed areas that demand advanced engineering developments that should take place while balancing the sustainability considerations.

● Structures and Building Materials  

● Challenges and Solutions in Geotechnical Engineering  

● River Engineering and Hydro-informatics  

● Environmental Engineering and Management 

● Infrastructure for Changing Climate and Sustainable Built Environment

● Coastal and Lagoon Environment

The organizing committee of ACEPS-2018 facilitates researchers, academics, engineers and professionals with a platform to publish their research and to discuss the issues in question in their respective fields successfully.

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The developing countries in the Asian region have a number of large scale ongoing infrastructure projects. Such new developments are likely to cause massive environmental degradation due to the limitations of technical knowledge.  Nevertheless, execution of such mega scale infrastructure developments with state of the art technologies could turn them to role models of engineering excellence for sustainable development. The development in the southern region of Sri Lanka is one example for sustainable development driven by modern knowledge. The contribution of advanced nations with knowledge transferring turns the regional developments a success. This symposium is organized to create a venue to discuss the advanced sustainable engineering practices that have been adopted in developing the region. The symposium will be jointly organized by Saitama University-Japan, Toyama Prefectural University-Japan & University of Ruhuna-Sri Lanka and will be hosted by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of University of Ruhuna.

Symposium Theme

Advanced Civil and Environmental Engineering Practices for Sustainable Development













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