ACEPS – 2012 Symposium organized and hosted by Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Ruhuna in collaboration with Saitama University was held at the Faculty of Engineering on 19th March 2012. It was the first of a series of symposia which the organizers hope to hold annually. Despite being its inaugural symposium, the event created a forum of high quality academic discussion achieving its original objectives.

This symposium is organized to create a venue to discuss advanced sustainable engineering practices that are adopted in developing the region. The symposium theme mentioned below addressed areas that demands advanced engineering developments should take place while balancing the sustainable considerations.

• Structures and Building Materials

• Infrastructure for changing climate and Sustainable built environment

• Coastal and lagoon environment

• River engineering and Hydroinformatics

• Challenges and Solutions in Geotechnical Engineering

• Environmental Engineering and Management

• Construction Management and Project Planning

• Transportation and Highway Engineering

• Engineering Education and Training

The five key note speeches from four leading academics and an industry professional touched five important aspects of the symposium in depth. Despite being the inaugural symposium, ACEPS – 2012 received an overwhelming number of publications. The papers which addressed different themes of the symposium, included studies focused on solving real engineering problems, case studies on sustainable practices, development of engineering tools as well as original studies of academic interest. The manuscripts received in paper format were reviewed by two experts in related area as a part of. Based on the a double blind review process only the papers of highest high quality were presented in the symposium. The papers included here and presented in the symposium have initiated a dialogue on how the engineering developments should take place within a local and sustainable context. The organizers expect to continue such dialogue by making the ACEPS symposium an annual event.

The ACEPS-2012 proceedings can be downloaded from here.

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