For the immigration procedures, kindly visit Department of Immigration Sri Lanka.

Kindly contact the ACEPS – 2018 secretariat to request letter of invitation if required.



Police                                                119

Ambulance Service                            1919

Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya              091 2 232267

Fire Brigade, Galle                             091 2 244445


Currency Exchange

The currency used within Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka Rupee (SLR). Foreign currency can be exchanged from local banks and money exchange centers located in all main cities, airports and major department stores and shopping malls. Banks operates between 08.30 am – 04.30 pm during weekdays and some of the main branches of local banks provide 7-day banking services. Apart from that, Visa, Master Card & American Express credit/debit cards are widely accepted in most of the hotels, restaurants and shops etc. For daily exchange rates, please visit



Galle experiences a tropical climate all over the year and the daily temperature may vary between 25 – 30 C. for more information please visit

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