Annual International Symposium on, Advances in Civil and Environmental Engineering Practices, for Sustainable Development (ACEPS-2017), is held  to discuss advanced sustainable engineering practices that are adopted in developing the region and jointly organized by, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Saitama University, Japan



International Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction Management is held to meet colleagues, experts and friends in the field and to exchange ideas and those about research development work, concepts and practical ideas in structural, construction and Management.



Undergraduate Research Symposium

Annual Symposium on Undergraduate Research Projects is held at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering to share the research development works and conclusions with the competitive faculties and interests in construction field



IPWE Conference

International Perspective on water resource and Environment is held for initiation of  sustainable practices that work for all nations by featuring practical and cutting edge presentations covering a wide variety of sustainability topics relevant to engineers, scientists, practitioners, and planners from all over the globe.



SURF Conference on River Basin Environment and Management

The Science Union for river basin Researches and Friends (SURF) organises an International Conference on River Basin Environment and Management annually for the following purposes: knowledge and information sharing on recent advances in the general researches and management of river basin systems; technical exchanges and capacity building for young researchers and professionals; networking for future collaborations for researches and event organizing.

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